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Employee ownership

Employee Ownership means that we’re all focused on the growth and improvement of our company and what we, as individuals can put into achieving that.

We are a highly skilled team of professionals nurturing a company culture with a family feel, and something we’ll always hold dear is our employee ownership scheme of which 100% of our staff own shares in the company.

That sense of everyone having a stake in our success is palpable – it’s clear in working with us that there is an individual commitment to quality and service and ensuring the business looks after its customers.

All members of staff have shares in the business and the share price is calculated with a formula that is based on profitability. Sometimes we are asked what happens when the share prices falls, which it did in 2009, when this happened the staff saw an opportunity to buy more shares at a lower price – they still had belief in the company and its ambitions. That is what makes the real difference, everyone is looking forward and seeing the potential and they want to be part of it.

It also means we really share success – we’re all getting back a financial reward for what we put in. For the last six years, it’s helped make a real difference in the business. More about the employee ownership scheme here.