Basic Report (x,y,z) - 3D Laser Scanning

Basic Reports

Basic Report (x,y,z)

Basic Report (x,y,z)-2

Our basic report is accurate measurement with CMM touch probe which is accurate to 2 microns.

What we need from you for your basic report:

  • Part for analysis
  • 2D drawing
  • 3D CAD file (if available – not essential)
  • General tolerance or specific tolereance to each dimension

The cost of our basic report is based on the number of measurements required and the complexity of taking the measurements. We can import your 3D CAD file and select points for measurement. The CMM will go directly to the point selected and touch probe the part taking a reading and genereate a dimensional report.

If multiple parts are required the cost per part will reduce as the initial programming and report writing will have been saved.