Standard Report – Global Compare - 3D Laser Scanning

Standard Report – Global Compare

Our standard laser scanning report provides you with a global comparison of the actual part against it’s nominal CAD model.

What we need from you to produce a standard report:
Part for analysis
3D nominal CAD file
General tolerance

The cost for scanning is made up of a one off cost for creating the scan program which is then saved and all future scans the cost is based on purely the actual scanning time. The cost of scanning is purely based on the number of hours to create the program and the number of minutes to physically scan the part. The more complex the part the higher the cost as we will require more scanning angles to gather all the data.


Global comparison to 20 microns

When all the scanning is complete we bring the scan data (point clouds) into Nikon Focus software and align the data to the nominal CAD file. This part can be quite tricky and it the skill of our technicians that ensure the data is perfectly aligned to the nominal CAD model. It is easy to do this incorrectly and if not perfectly aligned the results will be skewed and meaningless. We have developed a number of test routines to ensure our data is always aligned correctly.


Flyouts to show deviation from CAD

Now the accurate scanned data is aligned to the nominal CAD we can perform a Global Comparison to any tolerance you require. We will also generate deviation flyouts on the areas which are either above or below tolerance so you can see the actual deviation. We also recommend downloading the Nikon Focus Viewer and then you can take our file and perform your own Global Comparisons at different tolerance settings to establish exactly where the errors are occuring.