Parametric Model - 3D Laser Scanning

Parametric Model

A parametric CAD model is what most people have experienced when using CAD software.

This model type is constructed manually, as you would typically expect, using sketches, planes, extrudes, cuts, lofts and all other functions in a CAD package.

However, our specialized software ‘Geomagic Design X’ allows us to create a model with the scan data in the background.

With this data present we can constantly compare models, take measurements of features and analyze any deviation between the two.

With a standard parametric model there will be no design history for the part, it will simply be an imported body.

On a Parametric CAD model all features on the part, faces, fillets holes etc. will be selectable and useable unlike with a NURBS Surface CAD model.

If you require a feature tree and design history for the part we have reverse engineered, our software allows us to create native files for packages such as:


– SolidWorks
– Siemens NX
– Pro E
– AutoCAD
– Inventor
– Solid Edge

Native files require additional work to create and therefore are more expensive than a basic parametric CAD model.

A Native file gives far greater flexibility when it comes to making changes to the construction of the part. We would recommend this file type if you plan on developing and amending the part in the future.



– Models are fully dimensioned, to design intent.
– Features are all selectable and useable unlike a NURBS CAD Model
– Can be exported in a variety of file formats.
– Greater flexibility to make future changes, especially with native file types.


– Part has to be manually modelled which takes more time than other model types.
– Can be more expensive than other model types due to modelling time.
– No design history or feature tree unless you chose a native file type.
– Native file types require additional time and cost.
– Some organic geometries cannot be modelled parametrically.
– Models are created to design intent and therefore wont be identical to the scanned part, tolerances are predetermined.


– General engineering.
– Manufacturing, product development, testing.
– Record keeping and legacy CAD

A Parametric CAD Model can be delivered in all typical formats such as STEP, IGES, PARSOLID and several others as well as the native files mentioned previously.