Portable Measuring Arm

MCAx+ Portable Measuring Arm

The MCAx+ Manual Coordinate measuring Arm is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring arm. It is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker MMDx/MMCx digital handheld laser scanners and Focus Handheld scanning and inspection software. This total solution’s accuracy, capability and portability make it feel perfectly at home in the metrology lab, on the shop floor and in-the-field

The MCAx+ arm can be equipped with a wide range of probing systems for laser scanning, touch-trigger measurements and continuous scanning. Its flexibility makes this measurement arm the perfect solution for the widest range of measurement tasks. The new 7-axis MCAx range of articulated arms is available with a measurement volume ranging from 2.0 and 4.5 meter diameter.

Key benefits

  • Optimized for hard-to-scan surfaces
  • Designed for use under all shop floor or field conditions
  • Extreme temperature stability and zero warm-up time
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play setup
  • Short learning curve
  • On-board calibration storage
  • Scanner compatible with all major brands of portable localizers and point cloud software
  • No external controller
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Enhanced ergonomics mean stress-free usage
  • Seamless transition between scanning and touch-probing


MCAx + Overview


Flexible Probing Options

Customers can choose between high-accuracy, no-compromise MMDx scanners with 50mm, 100mm or 200mm stripe widths; or budget-conscious, but effective MMCx scanners with 80mm or 160mm stripe widths.

On top of that LC60Dx or LC60D CMM scanner users can extend their measurement capability by also using the scanner on an MCAx arm.

For tactile measurements, MCAx supports a wide variety of tactile (straight and hook) and touch-trigger probes in many lengths and stylus configurations.


Intuitive Scanning & Inspection software

ModelMaker MMDx/MMCx scanners and MCAx arms seamlessly interact with Focus software for scan and tactile probe data acquisition and inspection processing. It is a total solution that tightly integrates hardware and software to guarantee smooth and error-free operation.

Scanning and application software Focus 10 supports intuitive inspection using an articulated arm or Optical CMM with tactile and/or scanning probes. The software is specifically designed to easily control data flows with minimum user interaction. For the first time, customers can complete handheld data acquisition and inspection jobs from within Focus without compromising performance.MMDx-sheet-metal

The point cloud builds up in real-time as it is being acquired seamlessly followed by inspection of the specimen geometry against CAD or another scan.

The inspection toolbox of Focus 10 includes advanced analysis functionality such as detailed part-to-CAD comparison, feature extraction, gap & flush inspection and GD&T.

Alternatively, through the Nikon Metrology API, the MMDx/MMCx handheld scanners and MCAx arms can be used directly in many 3rd party inspection software applications, including PolyWorks®, Rapidform®and Geomagic®.

For reverse engineering applications users can select from a broad offering of 3rd party packages which tightly integrate all Nikon Metrology handheld scanners.


A modular approach to base and probe connectivity as well as measurement volume extensions and datuming provides a multitude of accessories to enhance usage in the most demanding situations.