MMDx 100


We are an ‘Nikon Authorised Reseller’ and also provide in-house training and support.


MMDx handheld scanners

The ModelMaker MMDx handheld laser scanners are ideally suited for portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications. Its camera technology is a major leap forward in 3D laser scanning, as it introduces a high frame rate and a large stripe width up to 200mm for ultra-productive scanning. MMDx incorporates Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3) to scan all sample materials and surface finishes in a single move.

Key benefits

✔ Faster and more accurate scanning saves money and time
✔ Ergonomic, light and small scanner
✔ Scans almost all industrial materials
✔ Portable out-of-the box system
✔ Easy and fast plug & play set-up
✔ Designed for use in all shop floor conditions
✔ Optimized for hard-to-scan surfaces

Accurate Non-Contact Measuring technology

The digital camera offers a measuring accuracy down to 10 micron and benefits from a true non-interpolated resolution of more than a thousand points per stripe, allowing freeform surfaces and features to be scanned accurately and efficiently.

ideal for measuring soft and fragile parts

Measuring soft and fragile parts potentially yield inaccurate measurements or surface scratches. As laser scanning technology is entirely non-contact, there is no risk for damage or inaccurate measurement.

Easy part to CAD inspection for reverse engineering

Part-to-CAD inspection compares the acquired point cloud with nominal CAD data, resulting in crystal-clear geometric deviation displays. Freeform surface inspection is ideal for studying material springback and shrinkage phenomena to ensure that the shape of the part is within geometry specifications. Focus extracts geometric features highly accurately, thanks to the thousands of measurement points captured by the scanner. The multitude of points allows the software to apply very accurate line fitting to determine the exact position and orientation of a wide range of features.Focus-Reverse-Engineering[1]

Focus Reverse Engineering quickly creates CAD surface models from individual point clouds using a straightforward workflow. Reverse engineering is typically applied when original CAD data is missing, to create CAD from handmade clay models, to update designs, or as input for rapid prototyping of freeform parts and products.

Efficient scanning

We can accurately scan tooling electrodes in any material (usually copper or graphite). Our experience has shown that often electrodes are not manufactured exactly to CAD or the datum face to the component is different than expected. Knowing these errors offsets can be used to ensure the final spark erosion is perefect to CAD. Errors on the electrode will create errors in the hardened dies which are costly to re-work.

Enhanced Scanning Performance of the Third Generation (ESP3)

MMDX-ESP3[1]ESP3 incorporates dynamic point-per-point laser intensity adaptation of laser source intensity. This capability allows different surface materials, finishes and transitions to be scanned without user interaction, eliminating manual parameter tuning and part spraying altogether. ESP is a key differentiator when scanning similar parts in different manufacturing stages; initially dealing with bare sheet metal parts and finally scanning finished products painted in any color.

Supporting a wide frame of scanner localizers

The ModelMaker MMDx is compatible with MCAx series and many 3rd party articulated arms. The ModelMaker MMDx laser scanner can be connected and used instantly, using its direct plug into PC.