XT H 320LC - 3D Laser Scanning

XT H 320

XT H 320 for X-ray and CT inspection of larger samples


The XT H 320 features a more powerful microfocus X-ray source that is able to run highly accurate inspection on dense industrial objects. Nikon Metrology is the only company toXT-H-320_medium[1] produce 320kV microfocus X-ray sources. As the X-ray spot size of these sources is orders of magnitude smaller compared to minifocus sources, end users benefit from superior resolution, accuracy and a wider array of measurable parts.

With the optional rotation reflection target, an even higher X-ray flux is available enabling customers to obtain faster CT data acquisition or achieve higher CT data accuracy in the same time span

Key benefits

✔ Proprietary 320kV microfocus X-ray source
✔ Run highly accurate inspection on dense industrial objects
✔ Easy system operation and low cost-of-ownership
✔ High performance image acquisition and volume processing
✔ Straightforward inspection automation
✔ Safety first

Key Features

Superior accuracy and performance through proprietary 225 or 320kV micro-focus X-ray sourceXT-H-320-LC-X-ray-source[1]

The default 225kV microfocus source is equipped with a reflection target, offering a 3 micron spot size. With the optional transmission target, you obtain an even smaller spot size and higher magnification capability.

The 320kV microfocus source is used to penetrate through larger or denser samples.

Regardless of the target of choice, the XT H LC system uses an open-tube X-ray source that guarantees a lower cost-of-ownership
Stunning images from internal structures
A small spot size and a high-resolution flat panel create sharp images. Adapt resolution to your needs: full part in coarse resolution and high resolution in a desired region of interest.

High performance processing Powerful-processing-performance[1]

The operator chooses a region of interest (ROI) to inspect and positions it in the centre of the screen. Under any combination of rotate, tilt and magnification, the ROI remains completely locked into the center of the field of view. The true concentric imaging feature operates over the entire scan area of the manipulator. The ROI stays locked in, regardless of the sample’s position on the manipulator table, ideal for inspecting around single or multiple BGA balls.

Easy operation and automationXT-H-225-Easy-operation[1]

Users are operational with the system within a few days days of training. A CT wizard guides operators through the data acquisition process. Customizable macros automate the measurement workflow, and tight integration with industry-standard post-processing applications streamline the decision making process.

Safety first

Full protective enclosure – compliant to CE and DIN 54113 radiation safety standards – requires no special badges or protective clothing. Continuous fail-to-safe monitoring during system operation. Radiation shielding is to better than 1µSv/hour external, and dual fail-safe switches/relays ensure safe operation

Low cost of ownership Open-tube-X-ray-source[1]
The open X-ray tube allows for local maintenance of internal tube components. The 3-wheel transportation incorporated to easily maneuver through double-door entries. Also no special floor treatment is to install XT H 225.


Configure the system to your specific needs XT-H-225-ST-extended-version[1]
Specific applications require more detailed images or higher accuracy. XT H 225 can be configured with different flat panels (Varian, Perkin Elmer) or source configuration (reflection/ transmission target) to make the system ideally suited for your needs.

XT H 225ST system is an extended version to hold larger samples up to 50kg with a diameter of about 50cm.




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