Focus Handheld - 3D Laser Scanning

Focus Handheld

Focus Scan Handheld – fast, easy and accurate data capture for portable laser scanning.


Focus Handheld is the driver software for Nikon Metrology laser scanner integrations on Optical CMMs and Articulated arms CMMs. It acquires and pre-processes the raw point cloud data and seamlessly integrates with with Focus Inspection and Automation. Focus Scan Handheld is also available as an API library to integrate with 3rd party inspection software, such as PolyWorks, Rapidform, Geomagic, etc.

Introducing Focus 10 Handheld.

Focus Handheld presents a new user interface featuring a Windows-7 style ribbon toolbar, where users will feel at ease immediately.
Focus 10 offers tightly integrated data acquisition – via CMM or handheld scanners – and intelligent processing and reporting. Direct access to workflow selection, customization and automation facilitate the setup and execution of processing jobs. Focus 10 drives seamlessly latest-generation Nikon Metrology CMM and handheld laser scanners, and supports many CMM and articulated arm brands.

Key Features

✔ Remote navigation through the software menu
✔ Real-time rendering of scan data
✔ Immense library of point cloud tools
✔ Guarantees high data quality and accuracy
✔ Algorithms specifically designed for processing laser stripe data