Focus Inspection - 3D Laser Scanning

Focus Inspection

Focus Inspection – Supporting full part-to-CAD and feature inspection


Focus Inspection is today’s reference for point cloud inspection. It manages acquired point clouds and performs part-to-CAD comparison and advanced feature inspection. The software covers a wide range of inspection applications and offers stunning performance, an intuitive user interface, and standard macro functionality to automate the entire inspection process.

Key benefits:

✔ Easy-to-use inspection workflows for both operators and engineers
✔ Intelligent feature detection and analysis algorithms resulting in high productivity and consistent results
✔ Most complete set of functions for digital surface and feature inspection
✔ Easy-to-interpret and interactive reporting to facilitate decision making
✔ Inspection automation without requiring programming skills
✔ Share 3D results with colleagues and customers with free Focus viewer

Driving a digital inspection process

Digitizing components up-front and running inspection on the digital copies of the samples, streamlines metrology operations and embeds them into the digital CAD-centric development process. As a Digital Inspection Process provides more profound metrology insight, it is essential to improve and accelerate styling, tooling, prototyping and series production.

Nikon Focus Inspection

Easy to use inspection workflows for operators and engineers

The user interface is workflow-oriented to minimize the number of clicks required to move from point clouds to graphic geometry reports. Focus allows engineers to tune the process exactly as desired, whereas operators easily manage and run inspection jobs. During measurement, they monitor the inspection progress and outcome using real time graphic and numerical result displays.

Focus Inspection

Intelligent feature detection and analysis algorithms resulting in high productivity

Focus Inspection offers the possibility to read product manufacturing information (PMI) from the CAD file. Using this information, features are retrieved automatically from the point cloud and evaluated to their tolerances. This eliminates the error prone and time consuming entry of dimensions and tolerances. The creation of the inspection program by teach in does not require any programming skills.

Most complete set of functions for digital surface and feature inspection

Part-to-CAD inspection compares the acquired point cloud with nominal CAD data, resulting in crystal-clear geometric deviation displays. Freeform surface inspection is ideal for studying material springback and shrinkage phenomena and to verify that the shape of the part is within geometry specifications. Focus extracts geometric features highly accurate, thanks to the thousands of measurement points captured by the scanner. The multitude of points allows the software to apply very accurate fitting to determine the exact position and orientation of a wide range of features.Focus inspection

Freeform surfaces:

✔ Full part-to-CAD inspection
✔ 2D and 3D sections
✔ Wall thickness, edge analysis, etc.
✔ Customizable flyouts for clear interpretation


Geometric features:

✔ Automatic and semi-automatic feature detection
✔ 2D features: surface point, hole, slot, plane, etc.
✔ 3D basic features: cylinder, sphere, etc..
✔ 3D advanced features: T-Stud, diamond pin, fir tree, etc
✔ Definition of user-specific flush & gap gauges
✔ Combi hem: creation of virtual edge points