Portable Laser Scanning - 3D Laser Scanning

Portable Laser Scanning

Our Nikon MMDX100 articulated arm scanner is accurate to 54 microns (2σ) and we can scan any object on site and often in situ

At 3D Laser Scanning Services we can provide a portable 3D scanning service which allows us to scan parts, processes or equipment at you facility.

Our Nikon MMDX100 arm scanner is the best available and is accurate to 54 microns (2σ) which will enable allow us to reverse engineer to very high accuracy. With our mobile portable laser scanner we can provide a fast and accurate service where ever you are in the UK.

3D Portable Laser Scanning and quick measuring of complex form using 3D laser scanning technology to 54 microns (2σ)

Laser Scanning has invested in the latest Nikon technology purchasing the new MMDx100 3D portable laser scanning equipment with an accuracy of 54 microns (2σ).

This laser scanning technology allows us to be at the forefront of measuring and quality control accuracy which is helping us to gain valuable business from our automotive clients.

In fact we are providing a separate service validating other components which are involved in the complete assembly.

portable laser scanning van

From human hair to full size car, we operate a portable laser scanning service using our Nikon MCAx+ articulated arm and the Model Maker MMDx100 portable laser scanner which is accurate to 54 microns (2σ) or better. Our team of portable laser scanning technicians cover the whole of the UK and we can scan products or parts of process equipment on site.


  • On-site scanning service
  • UK national coverage
  • Accurate to 54 microns (2σ)
  • Scan virtually all surfaces