Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Use CMM laser scanning to simplify inspection processes, deliver rapid non-contact measurement and provide geometrical insight in a range of applications.

Our CCM laser scanning services are ideal for:

– 3D digitizing to the highest detail
– 3D scanning of high precision or fragile parts and complex surfaces
– Creating complete 3D visualization of dimensional quality using colour mapping
– Measuring and analysis of features within parts
– Replacing traditional tactile probe measurement
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Why 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning using a coordinate measuring machine offers a precise and cost-effective way to digitise physical prototypes, capturing the shape and dimensions of an object so that they may be used in design, inspection and visualisation processes throughout manufacture, quality inspection and prototype testing.

We can provide your bespoke 3D scanning solution whatever the application. Equipped with a range of cutting-edge CMM scanners capable of varying accuracies and capture speed, at Laser Scanning we can cater to any 3D scanning project with our industry-leading knowledge and technologically-advanced Nikon hardware at our Sheffield premises.

The benefits of 3D Scanning with CMM are extensive in terms of efficiency and cost. Digitising the shape and features of a prototype using a non-contact laser scanner reduces errors, streamlines production workflows and provides a highly-accurate quality control procedure. Our premises are equipped with the best laser scanners on the market today, including the Nikon XC65Dx-LS and the LC15Dx, two high-resolution, high accuracy scanners designed to capture 3D detail of complex surfaces and features geometry. The laser scanning process has the ability to capture tens of thousands of points per second, meaning that a complete inspection may be up to 10 times faster than tactile probing, without the requirement for user interaction.

Technical Specifications

The 3D laser scanning facilities we offer are the most technologically advanced available. Our centrally-located premises accommodates CMM 3D laser scanning equipment including the XC65Dx-LS, the ultimate scanner for feature inspection and capture of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan on any surface.

Benefits of the XC65Dx-LS include full 3D capture of complex surfaces in a single scan, high-accuracy non-contact measurement, and suitability for both surface and feature scanning. Multi-laser capability is equipped with a cross pattern of 3 laser stripes designed to allow the XC65Dx to acquire a full 3D view in a single scan, even in complex shapes. Considered the market leader, the XC65Dx laser scanner is the first of its kind to offer wider laser stripes and high-speed CMOS camera technology. The introduction of such features reduces inspection time and increases the number of features that can be scanned at once.

Other onsite equipment includes the LC15Dx and the L100, CMM scanners known to offer the best possible combination of speed and accuracy even on multi-material surfaces that would previously present issues in laser creating part-to-CAD comparison reports. The L100 is well suited to the inspected of larger components, equipped with ultrafast data collection to a 200,000 point/s scan speed. Increased productivity doesn’t sacrifice accuracy; the L100 captures the finest detail with a point resolution of 42 µm and an exceptionally small probing error of 6.5 μm.

For a viable alternative to a tactile probe, the LC15Dx offers comparable accuracy for 3D digitizing to the highest detail. With non-contact 3D laser triangulation, the LC15Dx is able to measure surfaces directly, eliminating probe compensation errors and measuring 70,000 points at the speed of light every second.

Service Limitations

With years of expertise and a range of advanced Nikon CMM laser scanning technology at our fingertips, we can deliver detailed non-contact 3D scanning on objects of any size and for any project. We have performed 3D scanning services for a wide range of industries, from the Armed Forces to schools, luxury car manufacturers including Aston Martin and Range Rover, design and animation teams, art and archaeology projects and many more.

The benefits of 3D Scanning using CMM are extensive in terms of efficiency and cost. Digitising the shape and features of a prototype using a coordinate measuring machine reduces errors, streamlines the production process and provides a highly-accurate quality control procedure. The laser scanning process has the ability to capture tens of thousands of points per second, meaning that a complete inspection may be up to 10 times faster than tactile probing, not to mention far more accurate. With the need for extensive programming and repeated scanning cycles removed, 3D scanning is a substantially more cost-effective solution than traditional measurement methods such as tactile probing.

What we need to know

The first stage in successful laser scanning is selecting the right laser scanner for your application from our range of Nikon CMM laser scanners. To do this, we need to gather a clear idea of what you would like to achieve, what forms require scanning and how you intend to use the information delivered by the digital inspection process.

Once we received your initial enquiry, we’ll arrange to have a chat to find out more about your 3D laser scanning needs, either over the phone or in person. Once we understand what you would like to achieve, we will usually request photographs of the applicable parts or structures or arrange a site visit to see them in situ. From therein we will be in a position to advise on the best laser scanning solution for your individual project and the timeframes involved in delivering the result you require.

At Laser Scanning we believe that communication is key and that staying in constant communication is essential in delivering a project that not only meets our customers’ expectations but exceeds them. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to deliver results that push the boundaries of what can conventionally be achieved in precision measurement and engineering processes. We know how important it is to deliver unbeatable accuracy in often tight lead times and our specialist team makes the process effortless, however big or small your project.


Nikon LC15DX

Thanks to the most advanced laser scanner technology, the LC15Dx is closing the gap with tactile probe accuracy.
Nikon LC15DX

Nikon L100

The L100 CMM laser scanner offers the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use.
Nikon L100

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