Archery Riser

Laser Scanning worked with Border Bows to create a CAD file for their archery riser.
Border Bows is a premium retailer in the field of archery, specialising in bows, crossbows and other hunting and target accessories, based in Scotland.

They hand make their bows, but after purchasing a mill they found a more efficient method available whereby the mill would carve out the initial shape and they would finish the rest by hand for that premium quality finish.

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For scanning this part we used our scanner mounted on a CMM table as shown in the picture. Since this method involves writing a program to scan the bow, this program is saved and can be re-run as many times as desired which can be exploited for inspection purposes or further reverse engineering services of similarly shaped parts.



Our customer realised some difficulties in traditional methods for building a CAD file, particularly when the part is such an organic shape with freeform features. How is somebody to measure and build a CAD file for such a complex shape?

Thanks to technological advances, Geomagic Design X – the reverse engineering software package we use, we can build a CAD file using the scan data almost like tracing paper. Throughout our reverse engineering process we can keep checking how close our CAD is to the scanned data, ensuring a highly accurate end result.


Our customer was very happy with his CAD file and was especially happy to see the flexibility of our reverse engineering software whereby one could easily go back and add or change features to the CAD file without compromising the entire parts shape.


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