Chocolate Mould

Laser Scanning recreated lost CAD files for a chocolate bauble mould.
This customer came to us with a part mould for icing on cake. The problem was that they did not have a CAD file for this mould and they wanted one so that they could make more of the same mould for when the original mould wore down.

Due to the complexity of the shape and its freeform surface, to ever build this model accurately from scratch would be near impossible, however with the surfacing tools in Geomagic Design X this was not an issue.

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To do this we scanned the part on the Coordinated Measuring Machine with the LC15DX to maintain the accuracy they required for the mould. With the point cloud data we gathered from scanning the part from two different setups for a complete scan, we moved the data into Geomagic Design X.

Here we did the alignment for the mould block, and by using the scanned data like tracing paper, we created surfaces out of splines and patches for a complete watertight solid model, accurate to +/- 10 microns of the scan data. The good thing about this effective tool is that as you are building the model you can see an easy to understand colour deviation of how accurate the model is to the mesh (scan data).


There were not many difficulties in this project, we had a small issue with creating the patches at certain edges and lips but this was tackled reasonably quick.



Customer was pleased to have a CAD file of the original mould so they could create additional moulds when the original wore down.


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