Crank Case

In this project our customer rang with a dimensional difficulty as there was no 2D drawing or CAD file for his crankcase.
Our customer explained the problem he had come across from not knowing the locations of several bores. After finding out what CAD package he uses, we determined his package was compatible with .STL files.

As turnaround time was considerably important in this project he sent the part to us on the day of enquiry, which arrived the next morning.

How we helpedEnquire


Using the MCAx25+ (2.5 metre arm) and the MMDx100 (Nikon Laser Scanner probe, Model Maker) we began to scan the part, only capturing the data in question in order for the most efficient turnaround time.

Thanks to our articulated arm’s setup being accurate to +/- 54 microns we were more than confident that the portable arm scanner was up to the job.



Using Nikons state of the art laser scanning equipment, and there area of expertise being in high quality lenses, our laser scanners never fail to pick up a surface that isn’t translucent, including chrome plate.

Capturing millions of points from one scan meant that we had more than enough information and so we took the resulting mesh into Geomagic Design X where we decimated the stl file to our dictated tolerances. This was simply to reduce the file size and work with a cleaner mesh, reducing any possible noise.



The picture shows the CAD file created from the scanned data, which gives a 10mm cylinder at the centre point of all the holes and bores that our customer wished to locate.

We then uploaded the file on the internet to a private link which our customer then accessed and downloaded. Our customer was very happy with the resulting file saying that it gave him exactly what he needed to then proceed with his project.


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