Laser Scanning was asked to scan both halves of a joystick and provide digital versions in STL format.
We were approached by the customer as he wanted a part scanning so he could take a digital version of the file into his own CAD software and work with it.

The part was a joystick handle and it was in two halves. We were asked to scan both halves and provide him with digital versions in .STL format.

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The joystick was scanned using our articulated arm scanner as the customer did not require the accuracy of our CMM scanner. Using our Swiftfix fixturing kit in conjunction with the granite scanning table, the joystick was positioned to enable us to achieve the most accurate and complete scan.



After scanning the data was transferred into our Focus Inspection software. Using this we were able to clean up the data and then align both the internal and external scans to create the two separate halves of the joystick. The resulting aligned data was then exported as an .STL file and sent back to the customer. Very few difficulties arose during this project, mainly due to the high specification of our Nikon arm scanner.

The surfaces were all easily scanned with no issues, even when moving from a matte to gloss surface finish. One area which we thought might present a problem was the base of the internal rib, due to the laser working on line of sight when scanning. This was discussed with the customer and it was agreed to scan and report back. After doing a preliminary scan and sending the result to the customer he was happy for us to proceed with a full scan.


Upon receipt of the finished .STL files we were contacted by the customer who said he was delighted with the files sent to him and also with the service he had received from us, and would certainly use our services again when needed.


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