Perspex Tiles

Scan for 3D print restoration.
This Perspex tile had a bumpy freeform shaped surface with peaks and valleys that were not made of features.

Due to its complicated shape the customer approached us saying how it is pretty much impossible to design a CAD model from scratch to accurately match the part. With this in mind they knew that laser scanning was the best way to get this model accurate.

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As the part was so small and could be scanned from one angle, we scanned the part on the CMM even though the accuracy wasn’t required, as it was just as quick to scan. We then took the point cloud into Geomagic Design X, here we filtered the points to get rid of any noise and to make sure we had the cleanest mesh to work with when creating a NURBs surface CAD model.



Again there were very few difficulties in this project as there was nothing blocking line of site and since we created a nice clean mesh there was no issue with applying surface patches to the mesh to create a NURBs model. Our only small issue was with the fact that the tile was clear Perspex and so the laser passed straight through the part. To get around this we use a special spray which lies on the surface in a very thin layer and can be wiped straight off. We used this and the laser picked up the surface perfectly.



Our customer was very happy with the outcome.


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