Pressed Metal Parts

Laser Scanning scanned and reverse engineered several pressed metal existing parts to create JIG fixtures.
We were asked if we could help in the creation of some new jig fixtures for several pressed metal parts that needed to be laser cut and of course we said YES!

Laser Scanning has been part of the manufacturing process with PMS Diecasting and GoTools in providing precision measuring and reverse engineering, performance tooling, and quality zinc diecasting services.

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As the customer wanted the most accurate models possible we scanned the parts on our CMM with the Nikon LC15Dx, the reference point cloud date is accurate to +/-15microns and we were able to create mesh fit CAD surfaces in Geomagic Design X.



Well with other Laser Scanners, the highly reflective surface of the pressed metal parts would have created a noisy point cloud but Nikon uses their expertise in photography to utilise their ESP technology which automatically adapts the intensity and exposure as we scan.



Our models were exactly what was required for our customers design to produce the new fixtures. From laser scanning to laser cutting, these beams of light are changing the way we work!


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