Inspection Reports

We combine leading technical edge and accuracy of information to create inspection reports ranging from basic to bespoke.

Our inspection report services are ideal for:

– Complex analysis of products
– 2D and 3D comparison
– Identifying boundary, geometry and silhouette deviation
– Testing adherence to tolerance limits
– Capability studies
– Dimension verification
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Why Inspection Reports?

Inspection reports using scanning and probing enable you to verify the accuracy of manufactured components to allow for complex analysis and increased workflows. We offer a range of inspection reporting, from basic reports to bespoke reporting tailored to your exact requirements.

Technical Specifications

A basic inspection report is based upon importing your CAD file and selecting a number of points for measurement, determined by the complexity of the measuring required. With the CAD file imported and the select points programmed, our onsite CMM will go directly to the points selected and touch probe the part to take a reading and in turn generate measurements accurate to within 2 microns, enabling you to establish tolerance levels with incomparable accuracy.

Standard laser scanning reports provide a global comparison of the actual physical part against its nominal CAD model. Once a part has scanned, the scan data (point clouds) is transferred into Nikon Focus software and perfectly aligned with the nominal CAD file, a process that requires a lot of concentration and skill if the results are to be reliable and accurate. With data aligned, we can now perform a global comparison to any tolerance, identifying areas which are within, over or above tolerance, in turn identifying flaws and errors.

A detailed laser scanning inspection report shows measurements taken from a 2D drawing with tolerances and then compared to actual scan data measurements. As with a standard report, the results are then presented in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with tolerance (GREEN)/ over tolerance (RED) and under tolerance (BLUE) identified.

Thanks to our advanced laser scanning capabilities, we are also able to create bespoke reports tailored to your exact requirements. These high-level reports are typically used for industries that require exact accuracy with no room for error, such as aerospace, automotive, medical and nuclear. Through taking specific tolerances for each dimension, we are able to provide a report for multiple samples in a Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) format presented in Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF form.

Service Limitations

At Laser Scanning, we have spent years building expertise and experience in all areas of laser scanning including inspection reporting. Inspection reporting is a complex process and one that requires a specialist team like the one we have working here at our Sheffield premises.

What we need to know

What we need from you for inspection reporting varies only slightly depending upon which type of inspection report you require. Generally, we will need:

– The part for analysis
– 2D drawing
– 3D CAD file (if available though not essential for basic inspection report)
– General tolerance or specific tolerance to each dimension


Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is the industry’s leading inspection software package providing the most powerful tools within straightforward workflows.
Geomagic Control X

Nikon XC65DX-LS

The multi-laser XC65Dx laser scanner captures all 3D details of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan.
Nikon XC65DX-LS

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