X-Ray and CT Inspection

Our partnerships with Nikon Metrology enable us to perform X-ray scanning and CT inspection services suitable for a range of applications.

Our X-ray and CT inspection report services are ideal for:

– Failure analysis
– Assembly verification
– Weld/Bond Quality Verification
– Artefact Digitization
– Product Quality Compliance
– 3D Metrology
– Reverse Engineering
– Density Analysis
– And much more
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Why Inspection Reports?

X-ray and CT inspection services can address endless applications. Laser Scanning have partnered with Nikon Metrology to deliver X-ray scanning and CT inspection reporting to support clients in a diverse range industries, such as aerospace, automotive, Formula 1, telecoms, pharmaceutical, medical, architectural and many more. With the most cutting-edge technology at our disposal and a team of exceptionally skilled technicians on hand to see your project through, the possibilities are endless.

Our experience in X-ray scanning and CT inspection is vast and we have examined everything from the latest hi-tech microchip to a 65 million-year-old dinosaur egg. In terms of manufacturing components and assemblies, inspection reporting of this kind can enable advanced material analysis, quality and assembly verification and compliance, failure analysis and reverse engineering. The beauty of X-ray scanning and CT inspection lay in its ability to gather information without the need for disassembly or destructive testing.

Service Limitations

X-ray scanning and CT inspection has wide-reaching capabilities and Laser Scanning has the skill and equipment to apply it to many applications including:

– Automated castings inspection machine, e.g. automotive and aerospace components;
– Pipe and tube weld inspection, e.g. oil, gas and industrial plant;
– Automated quality control solutions, e.g. food, munitions and nuclear;
– High energy systems for the inspection of thick sections of dense materials;
– Replacing film with digital X-ray detection equipment which facilitates automation and improves the efficiency and accuracy of the inspection process; and
– Advanced defect enhancement.

Our X-ray scanning and CT inspection services are performed by experienced engineers with years of experience in operating top-class systems. Results of inspections will be supplied in easy-to-interpret reports with still images, (tiff or jpeg) avi, or complete data sets. In some cases our specialists may be able to offer advice and solutions to detected faults, streamlining the analysis and remedial process to save you time and money. Training may also be offered to enable you to operate X-ray or CT inspection systems independently.


Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is the industry’s leading inspection software package providing the most powerful tools within straightforward workflows.
Geomagic Control X

Nikon XC65DX-LS

The multi-laser XC65Dx laser scanner captures all 3D details of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan.
Nikon XC65DX-LS

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