The Lancaster Bomber gets Laser Scanned!


When one gets the opportunity to be part of history, you should firmly grab it with both hands, or in our case whip out our best portable Nikon Metrology, fill up the tank of our ‘Laser Scan Van’ and head rapidly to the Isle of Wight. That’s exactly what we did when we had the opportunity to 3D Laser Scan part of one of only two remaining, flying Avro Lancaster Bombers in the world!


Armed with the Nikon MMDx 100 and the MCA-2.5+ Arm, we set off in our fully-equipped 3D Laser Scanning van, the 207 miles to Southampton to catch the ferry to the Isle of White.

With there only being two flying Avro Lancaster Bombers in the whole world, you can appreciate how 3D Laser Scanning and Precision Measurement comes into it’s own. Replacement parts are very thin on the ground and in some cases near impossible to get hold of. By scanning rare, historical parts, we can create a highly accurate CAD file from which new parts can be manufactured. This will keep the Lancaster Bomber flying!

The parts we laser scanned were engine cowlings, time was of the essence as the parts had to go back to be fitted to the plane for the show season. the beauty of having our fully equipped van is that we are able to offer a mobile 3D Laser Scanning service anywhere in the UK.

We LOVED doing this project. Knowing that when we see the ‘Lancaster Bomber’ flying around the skies, we are part of her in a small way.

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Jack getting to grips with part of the Lancaster Bomber

Toby, one of our Laser Scanning Technician’s, giving Jack the death stare…