Geomagic Control X

Measure, understand and communicate your findings using the industry’s most powerful yet simple metrology software platform.
Geomagic Control X is the industry’s leading software package. Easy-to-use, intuitive, powerful and comprehensive, it is a must for any inspection department.

Equip your inspection department with responsive, easy-to-use software capable of creating traceable, repeatable workflows that create a smarter, more streamlined quality measurement process. Geomagic Control X also offers automated repeat inspections and an option to pre-programme guided inspections.

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Geomagic Control X provides quality managers with fast, precise, in-depth reporting and analysis capable of significantly increased productivity and quality gains that will revolutionize inspection routines in the manufacturing work flow.

This simple-to-use software is packed with innovative metrology and inspection tools, work flow-driven, pre-planned processes and walk-up inspection capabilities. Geomagic Control X is one of the most reliable products on the market, delivering simple to use yet comprehensive 3D inspection for any manufacturing work flow.

Promising accurate measurement and speedy analysis, Geomagic Control X has the potential to significantly increase the quality control process surrounding manufactured parts and assemblies, delivering reliable results, simply and quickly.

Thanks to its Synchronous Inspection system, the Geomagic Control X software allows you to automatically create accurate and stringent inspection processes without prior understanding of complex work flow design.

First Article inspections with CAD aware dimensioning means reduced set-up time and results that are available to you instantly, without time wasted getting to grips with complex software. Native CAD converters are included as standard.

A multiple results system and the Results Navigator function improves your ability to investigate quality issues. Errors in weldments or assemblies can be identified from results achieved under many alignment scenarios, delivering actionable information on which to base solutions.

Technical Specifications

Supports all industry-standard non-contact scanners and many portable probing devices. Extensive Native CAD and PMI importers also delivered within the cost of the package.

Work flows designed to enable spontaneous walk-up probing alongside pre-planned inspections for greater flexibility and fast results at any time.

Synchronous Inspection combines accurate and unordered inspection tools with ability to automatically save as an editable, historic inspection process for reuse.

Multiple Results Project System enables you to compare, analyse and understand production issues in multiple part inspections and scenarios.

Flexible report definition allows you to customize reports quickly and easily for each stakeholder.

Supports CAD-aware dimensioning and importing of PMI/MBD enabled models for better inspection process setup efficiency.

Automate scan data steps such as data selection, scan alignment and data merging and sampling.

LiveInspectTM allows you to pre-plan CMM based inspection processes for execution later. Swich between probing and scanning at the click of a button when using scan-enabled portable CMMs.

Software Training

Our partnership with 3D Systems delivers the software and support knowledge you need to maximise your production potential and transform your workflows. Combine an industry-leading understanding of 3D Systems products with the knowledge of our engineers and Laser Scanning is the obvious choice for your software training needs.

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