Design Intent

We can use Geomagic Design X to extract the design intent of damaged parts and create a CAD model for further development.

Our reverse engineering services are ideal for;

– Capturing the original design intent of a component or object
– Creating new parts to fit with legacy parts
– Redesigning parts with manufacturing defects eliminated
– Streamlining the manufacturing process
– Create updated CAD models of tooling
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Why Reverse Engineering?

3D scanning is by far the most accurate and reliable way to create a CAD model from a physical object. We use the most advanced 3D laser scanning technologies to capture raw scan data comprising millions of points. The result is known as a point cloud, which in turn is turned into a mesh model by connecting the points into countless triangular faces. It is this model that can be used to create in-depth inspection reports or as a guide for creating a CAD model.

Using reverse engineering to capture the design intent of an object allows you to remove any damage or imperfections in the part’s design, so that it may recreated as is but minus these flaws. Creating a CAD model from a mesh in this way also allows you to slightly change the design of an original product to fit changing specifications, without the expense involved in creating a new part or component from scratch.

Capturing the original design intent of a product in this way allows you to effectively remove manufacturing defects without rethinking a component in its entirety.

Technical Specifications

When we reverse engineer a physical object we are able to focus entirely on detecting its original design intent, using point cloud and mesh processes to detect an object’s cylinders, planes, cubes and cones based solely on the physical measurements of the object. This process is known as reverse engineering from scan data to CAD.

We deliver reverse engineering using Geomagic technology from 3D Systems and our partnership with the leading technology providers allows us to deliver a service that is the most accurate available. We use 3D laser scanning technology to reverse engineer with high precision accuracy up to 1.9 microns (2σ) or through quick scan to an accuracy of 54 microns (2σ).

We have a number of 3D laser scanning and reverse engineering technologies available to our clients, from fixed CMM to mobile handheld laser scanning equipment. Once objects or parts have been scanned with the laser scanner our technicians deem most accurate for your bespoke reverse engineering project, the scanned data which is presented as a point cloud is fused together to create a full parametric model including feature tree and design intent.

Service Limitations

Our partnership with 3D systems puts us at the forefront of 3D scanning capability and we use revolutionary Geomagic software to convert 3D scanned data into a geometric CAD model fully supported by your existing 3D CAD software packages, including Solidworks, Delcam, Power Shape, Pro Engineer and Catia.

Through the use of Geomagic software, reverse engineering maximizes product quality and drives continuous product development, process improvement, safety efficiency and design evaluation.

Our team of technicians are specialists in reverse engineering and 3D laser scanning, with many years of experience under their belt and the best knowledge in the industry as a result. They are on hand to discuss the individual requirements of your project and to offer advice on what technology is best suited to your needs, taking the hard work out of reverse engineering physical objects of even the most complex shape.

What we need to know

At Laser Scanning, we pride ourselves on delivering an end-to-end reverse engineering service that delivers the result you need with a fast turnaround and unmatched accuracy. There are a handful of things we need to consider before beginning your reverse engineering project, including the size, material and detail of your component, the requirements of the CAD model, the accuracy required from the results and whether you are looking to capture a component’s current condition or establish its design intent.

With this information established we will assess the most suitable reverse engineering technology for you and work closely to deliver regular updates on how your project is developing.


Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is the industry’s leading inspection software package providing the most powerful tools within straightforward workflows.
Geomagic Control X

Nikon XC65DX-LS

The multi-laser XC65Dx laser scanner captures all 3D details of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan.
Nikon XC65DX-LS

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