NURBS Reference Models

Create a mathematical model to represent the curves and surfaces of an object with a Non-Uniform Basis Spline (NURBS).

Our reverse engineering services are ideal for;

– Capturing the original design intent of a component or object
– Creating new parts to fit with legacy parts
– Redesigning parts with manufacturing defects eliminated
– Streamlining the manufacturing process
– Create updated CAD models of tooling
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A NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline) surface is created by essentially wrapping a smooth surface around a Mesh.stl file. It is typically the quickest, cheapest and most accurate method of modelling available for recreating a part for use in a CAD software. NURBS is typically compatible with almost all CAD software, making it one of the popular methods for reverse engineering today.

Popular since the 1980s but as relevant today as ever, NURBS uses complex mathematical formula to recreate organic forms and shapes that would not be easily created in normal CAD packages, effectively creating a patchwork of smoothed surfaces. The model is considered a great option for reference data in which no future alterations may be required, such as developing packaging for parts. It is also an effective inspection and comparison tool, and is often used in analysis, milling and mould-flow simulation. A NURBS surface can be delivered in all typical formats, including STEP, IGES, PARASOLID and more.

Technical Specifications

NURBS can accurately convey any shape, from a simple line or curve to the most complex freeform surface such as the human body or a car. NURBS information may be shared between various rendering, engineering, animation and analysis programmes, its adaptability contributing heavily to its status as the go-to process for computer-aided modelling.

NURBS modelling works on an incredibly complex mathematical basis and it is important to create this particular reverse engineering process with a suitably trained technician to achieve dependable results. At Laser Scanning we have undertaken NURBS projects over the course of many years, leaving us confident that we are the best in the business at this precise geometry.

Service Limitations

Our extensive experience of NURBS means that we are confident undertaking a whole variety of wide and diverse reverse engineering projects of this kind. However, there are certain limitations associated with the method that should be taken into account before deciding whether it is right for your project.

Because NURBS modelling is constructed using the scan data, any imperfections or inaccuracies from the original part will be carried through to the final model once engineered. The model will also have no design tree or history, but rather it will simply be an imported body. Finally, service limitations of NURBS modelling means that CAD software will not recognise part features such as faces, edges, fillets and draft, but rather create a patchwork of smoothed surfaces.

What we need to know

NURBS is a complex process but our skilled technicians are on hand to guide your project from start to finish, keeping you totally in the loop throughout. Once you enquire about NURBS with Laser Scanning, we’ll be in touch to find out a little more about the part or component you would like to create a model for and how it is intended to be used. We’ll often ask for photographs too, before asking you to send the part to our Yorkshire-based premises or arranging for a reverse engineering service technician to visit you on site.


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