Product CAD

We can use 3D Laser Scanning technology to streamline your product design process when creating new parts or products from scratch.

Our product CAD services are ideal for:

– Creating new parts to fit with legacy parts
– Reducing the new for physical prototypes
– Streamlining manufacturing flows
– Creating revision histories for new designs
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Why Product CAD?

Gone are the days of pencil and paper when it comes to product design. Product CAD is the go-to solution when it comes to developing new products with impeccable accuracy and minimised cost. Using 3D laser scanning technology in product CAD applications streamlines the prototyping stage considerably, bringing to light any possible issues with the physical product long before it has been constructed. With these issues ironed out at the modelling stage, the finished product is produced as close to physically perfect as mathematically possible.

Product CAD has endless and complex capabilities, hence its importance in manufacturing today. Using laser scanning in a product CAD arena allows you to test a design’s capabilities before it is even created, providing drafting and analysis possibilities that were previously impossible.

Laser scanning in partnership with product CAD can speed up the design process considerably.

Technical Specifications

Laser Scanning’s long-running partnership with 3D systems puts us at the forefront of 3D scanning for product CAD capability. We use revolutionary Geomagic software to convert 3D scanned data into a geometric CAD model fully supported by your existing 3D CAD software packages, including Solidworks, Delcam, Power Shape, Pro Engineer and Catia.

Our technicians are specialists in reverse engineering with an intention of product CAD, with many years of experience under their belt and the best knowledge in the industry as a result. They are on hand to discuss the individual requirements of your project and to offer advice on what technology is best suited to the needs of your design intentions.

Service Limitations

While there may always be a place for pencil and paper in the creative process of many designs, product CAD can enhance the design process greatly, creating products that are mathematically sound and unlikely to present flaws at production stage. This effectively means that you could go straight from the design stage to the production stage, skipping costly prototyping or choosing to replace more traditional prototyping methods with 3D laser printing instead.

What we need to know

Using reverse engineering for product CAD requires specialist knowledge. Our technicians are highly-qualified to work with you on your product design project, our experience ranging form working with individual product designers to the development of automotive components for use in large-scale manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on delivering constant communication, particularly in the product CAD process.

Choosing Laser Scanning for your product CAD needs removes the need for the often expensive and time-consuming training of your own staff to use design programmes. The design modelling process begins when you call with details of the product your require, such its intended use and the material from which it will be created. Once we understand this, we can help make and informed decision on the best technology for your specific project.


Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is the industry’s leading inspection software package providing the most powerful tools within straightforward workflows.
Geomagic Control X

Nikon XC65DX-LS

The multi-laser XC65Dx laser scanner captures all 3D details of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan.
Nikon XC65DX-LS

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