We are the industry leaders, delivering highly-accurate precision measuring, reporting, 3D scanning, printing and engineering services for an extensive range of industries and applications.

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At Laser Scanning we have vast and varied in-house know how when it comes to non-contact measuring, 3D scanning, 3D inspection, reverse engineering and reporting and we have lent our knowledge to countless industries and applications during our years as the industry specialists. Our clients range from small-scale manufacture and restoration projects to the capture of incredibly precise 3D data in the aerospace and automotive industries.

We have provided precision scanning to everyone from individual artists and education sectors to Formula 1 and even the British military, the system capabilities of our workshop and portable solutions capable of delivering unmatched accuracy in projects of all shapes, sizes and requirements. From a human hair to a fighter jet or a 65-million-year-old dinosaur egg, our position at the forefront of measuring and quality control accuracy makes Laser Scanning an obvious and reliable choice for projects that demand the upmost care and attention-to-detail.

Service Limitations

Our 3D measurement and reverse engineering facilities are the most technologically advanced and accurate available in the industry today. The technology at our fingertips, combined with our vast knowledge of high precision tooling and product development, means that there are few limits to what we are able to achieve for our clients. Unlike many 3D scanning and CAD modelling specialists, we can bring the solution to you on site, breaking down the barriers of moving large scale items and saving you both time and money.

Our portable laser scanning devices are the most advanced available, accurate to 54 microns and capable of scanning even complex objects on site and often in situ. Our team of portable laser scanning specialists cover the whole of the UK and are experienced in scanning virtually all surfaces. We also offer X-Ray and CT inspection that is capable of providing fault analysis, product evaluation and development without the need for disassembly, reducing the downtime associated with industrial investigative processes considerably.

What we need to know

At Laser Scanning we work on an ethos that communication is key. Staying in constant communication is essential in delivering a project that not only meets our customers’ expectations but exceeds them.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to deliver results that push the boundaries of what can conventionally be achieved in precision measurement and engineering processes. We know how important it is to deliver unbeatable accuracy in often tight lead times and our specialist team makes the process effortless, however big or small your project.

Our first task is to help determine which method of precision non-contact measurement, reverse engineering, 3D design or modelling is best suited to the needs of your project. Once we receive your enquiry, we’ll be in touch to have a chat and find out more about your 3D laser scanning and reverse engineering needs.

Once we know what you are trying to achieve, we will ask for photographs of the applicable parts or items involved and will then advise on the best solution for your individual project. With cutting-edge technology and the industry’s most knowledgeable team of specialists, you’re promised a simple and seamless service from start to finish with Laser Scanning.



Capture entire part geometry for inspection or reverse engineering purposes, streamlining workflows, reducing time to market and cutting development costs.
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From a basic touch probe report to a standard global comparison report or detailed tolerance reporting, and even X-Ray inspection, ours are the most comprehensive reports in the industry.
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We can build your parts quickly, to the highest standard and in extensive detail, using one of eight different 3D printing materials including PLA, ABS, Nylon and Resin.
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We can use the industry’s most advanced 3D laser scan technology to create a fully rendered 3D CAD model based on a highly-accurate point cloud capture of practically any object.
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Streamline your quality inspection and reverse engineering processes with industry-leading software from 3D Systems and technical training from our specialist team.
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Streamline your quality inspection and reverse engineering processes with industry-leading hardware from Nikon Metrology and technical training from our specialist team.
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