Reverse Engineering - 3D Laser Scanning

Reverse Engineering

We 3D laser scan components into a highly accurate point cloud and convert the data into a 3D CAD model.


Fully Rendered CAD File From Reverse Engineering Data

Fully Rendered CAD File From Reverse Engineering Data

A product designed CAD model is based on mathematical principles i.e. a plane is infinitely planar and a cylinder is a mathematically perfect cylinder.  In 3D CAD, all of the features of the model are ideal in the true sense of mathematics.  But once a physical object is created from this data, however it’s made, it is no longer ideal.  The object is reflected in its scan data, which is just a collection of physical data points in a point cloud that represent the physical real-world object. The skill of what we do when we are reverse engineering is to detect the original design intent, recognising cyclinders, planes, cubes and cones which based solely on the physical measurements of the real object. We call this the “Reverse Engineering” from scan data to CAD.

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Information about Geomagic – our software partner for converting 3D scanned data into a geometric CAD model fully supported by Solidworks, Delcam Power Shape, Pro Engineer, Catia and other leading 3D CAD software packages.

Geomagic® puts automotive manufacturing in the fast lane.

Automotive OEMs and suppliers use Geomagic software to make the desing and manufacturing process more efficient. Manufacturers can now inspect components, reverse engineer, drive product and process improvement and increase product quality faster than ever using Geomagic’s easy-to-use virtual 3D platform.

Geomagic’s certified software solution is leading the shift to modern inspection and complementing traditional CMM for maximum product quality. Auto manufacutrers can increase quality using modern non-contact inspection for power train, chassis, body, sheet metal and plastic parts. Quality inspection using Geomagic can also drive continuous product and process improvement.

Geomagic® makes improving aircraft safety more efficient.

Geomagic software products enable aerospace and aeronautical engineers to provide the highest level of accuracy and quality in the manufacturing, repair and maintenance of airborne vehicles. At stake, ultimately, is passenger welfare, and Geomagic’s 3D technology allows engineering and maintenance teams the tools necessary to efficiently support aircraft and spacecraft safety. Geomagic software enables aerospace and engine designers to create highly accurate real-world 3D models from 3D scan data for retrofit, part reproduction, part simulation and new component creation. Engineers can also quickly utilize advanced, automated measurement and analysis of as-built parts along with turbine blade twist analysis with immediate report creation.

Geomagic® is forming a new artistic workspace.

Advancing 3D digital modeling for sculpture, archaeological artifact archive and restoration, Geomagic allows artist and archivists to do more than ever. Geomagic offers touch-enabled tools and the ability to capture physical objects in a virtual 3D environment. With these tools artists and archivists of all kinds can work in virtual 3D quickly and intuitively, making it easier to record delicate works, reproduce pieces of art, restore degraded artifacts and scale sculptures.

Geomagic® helps collectibles designers rethink production.

Geomagic software enables fast, efficient use of 3D in custom parts creation and 3D printing, allowing collectibles designers to go further than they have before with efficient new manufacturing processes. Customers worldwide use Geomagic 3D technology to create collectibles, giftware and licensed characters.

Geomagic literally puts power in the designer’s hands with touch-enabled software that delivers force feedback when sculpting and shaping virtual clay. With these intuitive design capabilities, collectibles makers can focus wholly on creating whatever their minds see.

Selected customers in this industry include: Antonius Köster Modellbau e. K., Christopher Dean Freeform Studios, Hallmark, Katamiya Industry Co. Ltd., Oluf W. Harvigson, Synapse Modeling.

Geomagic® shortens the path from consumer product design to store shelf.

Geomagic 3D technology helps Consumer Product designers and manufacturers break new ground in design, engineering, manufacturing and QA operations. Around the world, consumer product manufacturers benefit from Geomagic’s touch-enabled design and product verification capabilities, seeing an increase in productivity, expedited product time to market, streamlined processes, and enhanced efficiency.

Geomagic® is improving medical patient outcomes.

Geomagic software products are helping medical equipment designers, manufacturers and medical researchers break new ground with 3D digital reality, touch-enabled design, simulation and high-level product verification.

Geomagic’s 3D modeling capabilities and force-feedback haptics devices are helping medical professionals of all kinds create better products, advance patient care and develop important new breakthroughs. Alleviating limitations of medical device manufacturing, medical training and medical research, Geomagic software and Sensable haptics devices make it possible to immediately use 3D scan and CT data, quickly design medical implants (using the Geomagic Freeform software), and perform virtual medical procedures.

Geomagic® is making turbine design and evaluation smarter.

Geomagic’s 3D scanning and analysis capabilities are being used to enhance the process of creating efficient, high-performing turbines for power grid applications, compression equipment and aeronautical propulsion.

Geomagic’s products combine perfectly to give engine and turbine blade designers and manufacturers the ability to rapidly model, design, check precise part positions and verify as-built structures. The advanced 3D modeling capabilities of Geomagic Studio® dovetail perfectly with the airfoil/turbine blade analysis tools offered by Geomagic Qualify®, together building higher accuracy, automation and productivity in turbine engineering and inspection. For repair and retrofit needs, Geomagic allows engineers to accurately reverse engineer aging or undocumented blade, blisk and turbine assemblies.

Reverse Engineering / Laser Scanning: London, Manchester, Bedford, Nottingham, Bristol, Exeter, Newcastle, Birmingham, Oxford, Norwich.