Stag Bottle Opener

We were asked to scan a bottle opener with the head of a stag designed on it.
The customer was a manufacturer of these novelty bottle openers and had lost the CAD file for this part.

To keep producing these bottle openers they needed a new CAD file that matched the part perfectly.

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We did this by scanning the part on our CMM with a laser scanner probe accurate to ± 2.5 microns (± 0.0025mm). This accuracy was crucial to the project as the detail on this part is very fine.

After scanning the part we reverse engineered this scanned data to create a NURBs surface CAD model that meant the model was not made up of features but made up of patches.

For the purpose of this project a NURBs is perfect as the Model does not want changing and since the patches are not bound by certain shapes (like a parametric model) the model is far more accurate to the scanned data helping to maintain the detail on the Stag’s head.


As the part is silver plated it was an extremely reflective surface for the scanner, which most scanners would struggle with and collect very noisy data.

As our equipment is Nikon, and they have spent years perfecting lenses our scanner filtered the noise and reflection extremely well, leading to a very accurate NURBs surface for the head of the Stag.



“We are very pleased with our Model and were impressed to be able to see how accurate the model was to the scanned data. We would be happy to use this service again as it massively helped to cut down lead time and was a proven reliable model with them being able to visually show its accuracy to the real part.”


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